A Comprehensive Guide to Alluring Bonuses of Online Casinos

There are hundreds of players out there who used to gamble on offline casinos to win rewards. However, an online casino can help you earn without playing just by bonuses. Bonuses are cash rewards that are introduced to motivate players and let them play regularly on the website.

A person feels hooked when they play casino games on websites like 168BET. Online casino websites offer different alluring bonuses that players can’t neglect. That is the reason online casinos are getting millions of consistent users on their websites. The bonuses contain different types that are mentioned below:

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus refers to a bonus that you will get just after you create an account on the website. People who are trying an online casino for the first time are afraid to deposit money as they might lose it.

Thus this bonus is for those people who want to try the games but are not sure to deposit money. In this, players can play without depositing any amount.

Deposit Bonus

You need to deposit money when you open your account on the website. However, online casinos offer flexibility in deposits. So a player can choose how much money they want to keep in their account.

In addition, many online casinos offer bonuses of an equal amount deposited by the player. That means you will get 100% amount back, which can be used in the game.

Free Spin Bonus

Players can also get free spins of slots that they can use to buy slot themes on the website. This is a type of promotional bonus that is avail to existing players. But some casinos give them to new users also.

Here you will get a few free spins that can help you earn but will not incur any loss. It would be best if you tried the slot on 168BET, as they do not have a minimum withdrawal limit.

Loyalty Bonus

Due to high competition, players usually fluctuate between online casinos. Therefore to reward regular players loyalty bonus was introduced.

Every online casino has a certain period, after which players are provided with this bonus if they are regular on the website. Loyalty bonuses are of different amounts as many factors are considered to calculate the amount of bonus.

High Roller Bonus

There are players who deposit huge amounts in one-time payments. Online casinos consider these people VIPs; thus, they are provided with a high roller bonus.

Once you are provided with this bonus then, besides cash, you will also get perks on events and online casino tournaments. You can ask the provider about the limit of the deposit, after which it will qualify as a high roller deposit.


The bonuses are enough to attract players as they are very profitable. 168BET is an online casino where you can get the earlier-mentioned bonuses. Many websites promise to give tempting offers and bonuses, but you will end up losing your deposit. Thus do not make deposits on any website until you are sure that the website is safe.

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